Performance Troupes

Spotlight’s multiple performance troupes include all skill levels, from 5 to 14. The children and teens in these troupes work with highly experienced musical directors and choreographers to hone their skills in singing, dancing, and meeting any challenge with unbeatable confidence!

Our goal is to see kids grow in the performing arts through great teaching, rehearsing and teamwork. We challenge kids in a fun, positive way and to give them opportunities to use their talents in various performing venues.

Traditionally, our troupes perform at Glendale Glitters, as special guests for other concerts, and at other events throughout the season.

Note: This information will soon be updated for fall 2019.


Ages 5 to 8

Entry level—We will focus on basic singing and dancing skills. However, kids with experience will still be challenged.

Director: Haley Kennedy
Assistant Choreographer: Bella Swope
Assistant Vocal Coach: Callista Walker 


Ages 9 to 14

Mid-level Beginners—This group is skill based. We will work on dance and vocal technique. Performance skills will be emphasized.

Director: Heather Walker
Choreographer: Falin Ossipinsky


 Ages 9 to 14

Upper Level —This group is also skill based, to include more advanced techniques. They will be challenged with more difficult choreography and vocal harmonies. Performance skills are essential, and will continue to be emphasized.

Director: Heather Walker
Choreographer: Haley Kennedy